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Five Similarities Between Zoro and Rayleigh, The Vice Captains of the Pirate Kings

Roronoa Zoro and Silver Rayleigh, both are vice captains -- and both have several similarities! Do you know what are their similarities?

2. Both are the First Person to Join Their Captains

Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

In the flashback about Rayleigh's past, suddenly Gol D. Roger with a straw hat invited him to sail and find One Piece. Rayleigh who was sitting casually laughed at that dream, which he thought was stupid. After that, Roger immediately said that Rayleigh was the first colleague in the Pirate group he had ever made. Rayleigh, who remembered that, bursted out in tears.

This is the same when Luffy recruited Zoro who was the first member of the Pirate group he made. Initially Zoro had refused to join, but Luffy was so stubborn he finally managed to take Zoro. This of course proves that Zoro is the successor to the Vice Captain of the Pirate King after Rayleigh.

1. Both are Not Devil Fruit Users

Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

It is never explained that Rayleigh is a Devil Fruit eater. A very powerful fighter like Rayleigh only uses a sword and Haki as his weapons. He is one of the chosen people who is able to master Haoshoku Haki. His fighting level is even able to match one of the three Admirals, Kizaru.

Zoro is also a swordsman who does not eat Devil Fruit. Just like Rayleigh, Zoro only fights using three swords and Haki. Currently, Zoro has not fully mastered Haoshoku Haki, but in the future he will most likely perfecting his Haki.

So, these are the similarities between the two vice captains - both of them are the first crew of two persons who have been destined to become Pirate Kings, Roger and Luffy. Are you with us on their similarity? Say your opinion in the comment box below!

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