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Seven Most Heartbreaking Deaths of Captain America in Comics

Before witnessing the death of Captain America in Avengers: Endgame, let’s find out how he died in the comics.

Chris Evans has grown in his role as Steve Rogers for the past six years and Captain America movies have become the most entertaining movie in the MCU. But, we have to admit that all good things must end and the last rumor hinted the fact that Chris wants to hang his shield after Avengers: Infinity War which will be released next year. Yes, Captain America was rumored to be ended in the movie Avengers: Endgame and made Chris Evans stopped being the Avengers leader,. But did you know that Captain America has several version of his death in the comic book! Are you curious? Let’s take a look!

7. Infinity Gauntlet


In the Infinity Gauntlet #4 comic released in 1991 tells a story of Adam Warlock who create a superhero team that aims to defeat Thanos. But, the team failed to defeat the power that Thanos possessed. One by one the members of the team was defeated by Thanos, with Captain America as the sole survivor. That time, Thanos thought that Captain America was the team leader who wants to defeat him. Captain America then completely defeated until his Vibranium shield was destroyed. Thanos continued to attack him until Steve Rogers said, "it's not over until the fat lady sings". After he said that, Thanos killed him in one blow.

6. Civil War


Civil War was indeed tell a story of war between Captain America and Iron Man. This incident which involved many superheroes who were divided into two sides, team Captain America and team Iron Man. The conflict in Civil War in the comic was not really different from the movie Captain America: Civil War that released in 2016. But the difference was, in the comic, Captain America was dead when he saved Sharon Carter, his girlfriend who was a target of a long-range shot by Crossbones. And at the end, Captain America’s death made Bucky Barnes to find who is the culprit behind the murder and he blamed Iron Man.

5. Captain America #111


Avengers #4 comic tells us about the first death of Captain America, however Captain America #111 successfully made Marvel fans to really believe that Steve Rogers was killed. In the comic, it was told that Steve Rogers’ identity as Captain America was publicly known. Until 1969, when Captain America with his partner Rick Jones tried to defeat Hydra, the Captain America who was with Jones at that time turned out to be a Life Model Decoy (LMD), an android that has the ability to imitate someone. The android then wearing Steve Rogers mask to fake the Captain’s death. The plan was succeeded in tricking the public, including Marvel fans who read the comic.

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