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JKT48 Introduces Sub-Unit Valkyrie48, Representative Group for Indonesian eSports!

As promised, JKT48 officially unveils the sub-unit Valkyrie48 as the symbol of Indonesian eSports!

As reported earlier by DuniaGames, JKT48 has finally introduced the eSports sub-unit under the name of Valkyrie48. The six members of this group are chosen out of its 80 current active members based on their knowledge on eSports and skills in playing the games.

Sumber: JKT48.com

As mentioned earlier, the six members are already familiar with the eSports games and actually have a knack for them. They are Jinan, Desy, and Celie who specialize in Arena of Valor; while Anin, Angel, and Sinka have the know-hows in Playerunknown's Battleground Mobile.

It is not clear when and where they will engage in the official eSports tournaments. Follow DuniaGames on social media for the latest updates on eSports and else!

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Voucher Games

Free Fire
Start from
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Arena of Valor
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Mobile Legends
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Rp 3.000

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