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Five Facts About One Piece's Mr.2 Bon Clay, What is He Doing Now?

Mr.2 has become one of Luffy's comrade that saves him many times. There are some facts about him that you might need to know!

2. Saving Luffy's Life Not Once, But Twice

Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

As a good friend, Mr. 2 has saved Luffy's life twice. First when the Straw Hats were chased after the Arabasta arc. The second is when Luffy is dying at Impel Down after being hit by Magellan's poison. Besides that, Mr. 2 also sacrificed himself in order to save all Impel Down prisoners by opening the Gate of Justice.

1. Become The New Leader of Impel Down's 5.5th Floor

Eiichiro Oda

After holding and fighting Magellan, it turns out that Mr. 2 does not die. Turns out, he was imprisoned again by the warden. Then, he became the new queen on the 5.5th floor to replace Ivankov. This can be seen on the cover of One Piece manga chapter 666. Is he able to get out of Impel Down and meet Luffy again later?

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