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Five Best City Building Simulation Games on Android that is Similar to SimCity

Looking for City Building Simulation games on Android but is bored with SimCity? Here are five lists of Simulation games which are similar to SimCity

Ever dreamed or wanted to become a Mayor now? In City Building Simulation games type like SimCity, only with cellphones you can try to design your dream city according to what you want. For example, erecting buildings, houses, roads and many others.

In Simulation games, of course you will also find various kinds of obstacles such as lack of money, wood, nails and other materials. Such obstacles will be a challenge and an attraction in Simulation game. Curious about what is the best City Building Simulation games on Android that we will discuss? Here goes.

5. Little Big City 2

Sumber: Google Play Store

Being one of the best 2016 games makes Little Big City 2 worthy of being included in the list of best Simulation games. Presents various interesting features such as the presence of mini games and hidden scenarios from each island, making Little Big City 2 a Simulation game that is entertaining.

>> Download Little Big City 2 di Android

4. My City - Entertainment Tycoon

Sumber: Google Play Store

Game made by Nanobi Game called My City - Entertainment Tycoon is a simulation game that has many challenges. The bigger your city, the greater challenges you will face. In playing My City - Entertainment Tycoon, the most important thing to pay attention to is the issue of finance, production, and requests from city advisors.

>> Download My City - Entertainment Tycoon di Android

3. Megapolis

Sumber: Google Play Store

As the name implies, Megapolis requires you to create a large city with modern facilities. With so many unique building variations, the look of the city of Megapolis is not boring at all. Not only aiming to advance the city's business, you can also create a military force and build a research center.

>> Download Megapolis di Android

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