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Unexpected, These are Garp and Aokiji Facts from One Piece Vivre Card Set 2

How many Haki types do you think Monkey D. Garp is able to use? If you want to know, you can check out this kind of facts in One Piece Vivre Data Set

Recently, Oda unfolded the latest One Piece facts in Vivre Card Set 2, containing various unexpected secrets. It includes information about Garp and Aokiji. Do you want to know what Oda has revealed about these two Marines heavyweights? Let’s check out this discussion!


Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

Vivre Card Set 2 reveals that Garp is actually 78 years old.  Considering his age now, Garp still can fight gallantly. Can you imagine how strong he was in his prime? Vivre Card Set 2 also reveals that Garp height is 287 centimeters. He can be considered tall for a normal human. Moreover, this Luffy grandfather was actually born on May the 2nd.

Most of you might be surprised reading about Garp trivia in Vivre Card Set 2. Surprisingly, Garp can use Kenbunshoku and Busoshoku Haki. It was unexpected considering that Luffy and Dragon are Haoshoku Haki users (Dragon most likely mastered it although Oda has not officially confirmed it yet).

Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

This fact about Garp is one of the most unexpected facts from Vivre Card Set 2. So how about Aokiji? Is it going to be mind-blowing like Garp?

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