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List of MVP and MINI Monster in Endless Tower Ragnarok Eternal Love Period 11-17 March 2019

Don't start Endless Tower Ragnarok Eternal Love without seeing the list of MVP and Mini monsters! Check here for the ET period 11-17 March 2019!

Monday is a happy day for you and other Ragnarok Eternal Love players. You can restock your Zeny by selling the results of  rare drop material from Endless Tower Ragnarok Eternal Love.

In conquering 90 floors of Endless Tower, you will need a careful preparation, ideal party, and knowledge of which MINI and MVP monster you will face in Endless Tower this week.

As usual, Dunia Games returns to give a guide about the list of MINI and MVP monsters that you can find in the Endless Tower from 11 to 17 March 2019. Check the list below!

List of MVP Monster in Endless Tower


How to read the table is like this:

  • The leftmost column shows the number that is the last digit of the Ragnarok Eternal Love channel number. For example, if you are on channel ID69, what you should see is the row of number '9' - the MVP monster in Endless Tower is Deviling, Drake, Goblin Leader, Misstress, and so on;
  • The top row indicates the floor number of Endless Tower where you can find the MVP monster. For example, on channel ID69 you will find Deviling on the 10th floor of Endless Tower, Drake on the 20th floor, Goblin Leader on the 30th floor, and so on;
  • If you want to defeat Doppelganger, then you have to go to the channel with the last digit '3' in the channel number and go up to the 80th floor of the Endless Tower.

List of MINI Monster is in the next page! 

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