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Five Facts Black Clover Episode 74, Royal Knights Selection Has Begun!

The Royal Knights selection has begun, how's the first match between team A against team B? Here are five facts Black Clover episode 74!

Currently the Black Clover anime has entered the formation of the Royal Knights. Here the ability of all magic knights will be tested in a tournament to determine who deserves to be a member. In this episode, Team B, which consists of Asta, Mimosa, and Xerx, will face team A. Here are five facts in the Black Clover Episode 74!

5. Zora's Strategy

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

Zora Ideale or in this episode using the name Xerx Lugner has a pretty good strategy. At the beginning of the match, Xerx just lay down and didn't want to join in the fight. Asta and Mimosa who were annoyed finally decided to go forward alone.

When Asta was hit by a trap installed by Xerx, the three people from team A also attacked her. But the attack that led to the crystal instead turned to attack them themselves. This all turned out to have been arranged by Xerx who from the beginning only seemed to lie down.

4. Mimosa's Dangerous Magic

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

Mimosa, who initially could only use healing magic, in this battle he was able to create attack magic thanks to the rigorous training he had undergone. Plant Magic: Flower Cannon Magic is an attack technique that Mimosa learned to attack A. Noelle who saw Mimosa's development become jealous and also wanted to be stronger.

3. Zora's Abilities, Shown!

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

Zora's magic is active when Asta has entered her range. Then the trap responds to magic that goes into its range within a certain period of time. The magic reflected the opponent's magic with twice the strength and speed. The stronger the magic, the stronger the reflected attack. This magic is called Counter Trap.

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