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The Abilities of Royal knights Candidates Team A Who Become Asta's Opponent!

How strong team A skills who become Asta opponent in the tournament of Royal Knights selection? You'll find it in Black Clover episode 74 here!

In the first Royal Knights Qualification on Black Clover Episode 74, Team B, which consisted of Asta, Mimosa, and Zora, will fight Team A, which is reinforced by Rick Cornell, Forti Griss, and Curtis Warren. Where did they come from and what kind of magic do they have? Check out the following discussion!

Rick Cornell

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

Rick Cornell is a member of the Coral Peacock army and 3rd class intermediate magic knight. His magic has a form of crystals that can be manipulated according to his will. Shortly after the fight began, Rick has been hiding in the woods while using Crystal Scope, a magic that's able to monitor opponent's movement from afar. He then could report their actions to his teammates.

Then after Mimosa and Asta moved forward, Rick and his teammates also advanced to trap them. With his magic, Rick was able to create a blade-shaped large crystal Ready to cut down team B’s crystals.

Forte Griss

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

Forte Griss is a member of the Crimson Lion army and 4th class magic knight. Just like his teammates, Forte was furious when someone dared to insult a magic knight, that’s why he fought fiercely against team B. Forte fights using fire magic that can change shape into whatever he wanted.

In this battle, Forte used Fire Magic: Burst Javelin, he created a fire spear combined with Curtis’ stone magic. This magic is Team A’s method to damage Team B's crystal. When surrounding Asta and Mimosa, Forte has prepared a larger Burst Javelin. But he had to be hit by his own attack and fainted after being reflected by Zora's trap magic.

3. Curtis Warren

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

Curtis Warren is a 3rd class senior magic knight in Silver Eagle army. Being a loyal magic knight, Curtis hated everyone who insulted the Magic Emperor. Curtis uses stone magic which he can shape freely. When attacking Team B's crystal, he used Stone Magic: Strong Bow to create a bow with Forte's Burst Javelin as his arrow.

When Mimosa attacked him, Curtis used Stone Magic: Rock Fortress for protection. Finally, after surrounding Mimosa and Asta, Curtis rose a large hand made of stone that holds a morning star. Curtis also had the strongest defense among his teammates, because he did not faint after being hit by his own powerful attack.

Those were the various abilities of Team A’s members from the first Royal Knights Qualification match in Black Clover Episode 74. Look forward to other interesting discussions about Black Clover in Dunia Games.

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