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All about Big Cat Sign-in Ragnarok Eternal Love, You Can Get Attractive Prizes Only by Logging In !

Big Cat Sign-in Ragnarok Eternal Love, a new feature that will give you attractive prizes just by logging in into the game!

As the day goes by, Ragnarok Eternal Love gives more and more interesting new features. On April 13rd 2019 maintenance, this MMORPG Mobile game is featured by the Big Cat Sign-in Ragnarok Eternal Love.

The Big Cat Sign-in is a feature that will give you various attractive prizes every time you enter the world of Rune Midgard Ragnarok Eternal Love. It can be said that the Big Cat Sign-in is similar to the term 'daily login gift'.

Well, on this occasion, Dunia Games will break down all kinds of prizes and content from this Big Cat Sign-in. Let's take a peek!

1. Take the Big Cat Prize Sign-in!

Big Cat Sign-in starts after Ragnarok Eternal Love's maintenance on April 13, 2019. When you arrive in the world of Rune Midgard, you will be greeted by a black cat icon. Press the cat and you will enter the Big Cat Sign-in menu.


Each day in 30 days, you will get different attractive prizes. Only one character per account will get this prize.


2. Daftar Hadiah Big Cat Sign-in

The following are examples of a list of all Big Cat daily login sign-in prizes for the next 30 days. For the record, this prize image was taken from China's Ragnarok Eternal Love server. For the SEA server where we play, the Big Cat Sign-in gift can be the same or different.


So many prizes, aren't there? If you pay close attention, there are some gifts that have never been seen before. Well, you can see some of the new items below.


Let's go to page two!

Voucher Games

Free Fire
Start from
Rp 2.500
Arena of Valor
Start from
Rp 2.500
Mobile Legends
Start from
Rp 1.500
Start from
Rp 3.000
Start from
Rp 0

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