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Not Only Mimosa in Black Clover, These 5 Anime Characters Also Have Healing Abilities!

Not only Mimosa in Black Clover who have mastered healing ability. The are some characters from these animes who also have similar abilities!

In Black Clover, Mimosa has the ability to heal wounds with his plant magic. He once used this ability to cure the injured Asta. Besides Mimosa, these 5 anime characters also have healing abilities. Who are they ?

5. Inoue Orihine - Bleach

Orihime has healing abilities which are very rare in the Bleach world thanks to Shun Shun Rikka, a flower-shaped hairpin that can summon various combinations of spirits. One of these combinations makes Orihime able to use Soten Kisshun, a technique that can ward off anything he doesn't want such as an attack from a hollow.

Not only it can ward off attacks, Soten Kisshun can also heal someone who is injured. By rejecting the wound out of the person, Orihime can eliminate it as if the thing that hurt her never happened.

4. Tsunade - Naruto

Tsunade becomes a ninja with the best healing abilities in Naruto. So great, even she was able to cure people who had been exposed to Mugen Tsukuyomi. Not only does she cures other people, the fifth Hokage is also able to heal herself. With super cell regeneration, Tsunade can make herself look younger even though she is actually more than 50 years old.

3. Wendy Marvell - Fairy Tail

Using Sky Dragon Slayer magic, Wendy can cure someone from travel sickness or fatal injuries. Wendy does it by filtering clean air around her. Because it uses clean air, this power becomes ineffective when Wendy is in the area where the air is not clean.

Wanna see other anime characters who are able to do healing techniques other than Mimosa? Check out the next page!

2. Dende - Dragon Ball Z

Dende is from Namek who has replaced Kami to be the guardian of the earth. Despite having various abilities, only his healing abilities can be considered as unique. Dende's healing ability is quite unique because it does not only heal wounds, but also clothes or anything that has been scratched.

1. Recovery Girl - Boku no Hero Academia

Recovery Girl is a nurse in the U.A school. With her quirk, Recovery Girl is able to utilize the target's immune system to recover wounds and diseases very quickly. But if the target's immune system is too weak, Recovery Girl can't do much. Therefore, the healing speed that she does depends on the target itself.

Those are various anime characters who are able to do healing techniques other than Mimosa in Black Clover. Look at other discussions about anime characters in DuniaGames.

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