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Top 7 Most Damaging Free Fire Assault Rifles

With the many Assault Rifle weapons present in Free Fire, which one among them has the most damage? Let's see!

Assault Rifle is a type of Free Fire weapon that is usually used if you want high attack power to kill your opponent in a fairly short time. The Assault Rifle will be works very well in medium to far distances.

To increase your knowledge in the world of Free Fire, here are 10 lists of Assault Rifle weapons that you can try.

7. M60

Carrying the title of the Assault Rifle weapon makes the M60 have considerable attack damage. In addition to the large damage, another advantage of the M60 is the amount of ammunition that reaches 60 bullets. Unfortunately this weapon is only suitable for use in short attack distances because the level of accuracy is fairly low.

6. AN94

Above the M60 there is AN-94 which is a modern Russian weapon. Unfortunately, the large damage that AN94 has is not accompanied by a match on the attachment that is on Free Fire. Yep, AN94 can't use dampers. This deficiency makes you have to be careful if you want to shoot your opponent.

5. AK

AK is a weapon made in 1949 in the Soviet Union with the real name Avtomat Kalashnikova. The advantage of AK is that the damage is great and the attack distance is so far. But unfortunately, the reload speed and accuracy of AK are the main weaknesses. As a result, the AK can only be effective if used in medium attack distance.

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