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Top 7 Most Damaging Free Fire Assault Rifles

With the many Assault Rifle weapons present in Free Fire, which one among them has the most damage? Let's see!

4. M14

Different from other Assault Rifle weapons, M14 has a high level of accuracy. So that M14 is perfect for you to attack enemies from a distance. The fatal weakness possessed by M14 is the ammunition which only has 15 pieces.

3. SKS

Having a semi-sniper SKS title has such a great deal of damage. SKS is also fairly easy to use, even for beginners. Because it uses single mode, SKS is efficient at bullets. But the drawback is the speed of the pond that is so slow.

2. SVD

Although it entered into the Sniper ranks, the SVD can still be called an Assult Rifle. With a long attack distance makes the SVD suitable for use spying on enemies in homes. Just like SKS, SVD also has a slow bullet speed. This makes you have to predict enemy movements if shooting long distances.

1. M249

M249 is a weapon that uses 5.56 mm caliber ammunition variants of the FN Minimi made by Belgian FN Herstal used by the US Armed Forces.

The high amount of ammunition makes M249 suitable for those of you who like to waste bullets just to give damage to the enemy. The damage produced by M249 is also the biggest, as a result making it into an Assault Rifle weapon hurt in Free Fire.

The lack of M249 is the short distance and low accuracy. Besides that all attachments are also not suitable for use by this one weapon.

That's the seventh Assault Rifle weapon hurt in Free Fire. M249 becomes a sick weapon with damage of 94 and last filled by M60 which only has a damage of 56. Look forward to other unique discussions still around Free Fire only in Dunia Games.

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