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Five Facts About Khufra Mobile Legends, The Natural Fanny Counter!

Following are the five facts of Khufra Mobile Legends that you must know. Besides being able to become a ball, Khufra also known as Fanny counter.

Khufra's presence on the Mobile Legends official server brings good and bad news to many players, especially Fanny lovers. Because this hero has many advantages, but it is quite confusing to use. Before you buy this latest hero tank, you can see some facts about Khufra below so you don't regret buying it.

1. Magic Damage From Physical Attack

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Before determining the build of Khufra, it would be better if you knew about this one fact. Although passive skills and skills both produce magic damage, the additional damage source is physical damage that can make you confused with this one hero.

Fortunately, the first and ultimate skills are physical damage so you could say you just make physical items when you need additional damage. But remember, Khufra is a tank hero and prioritized buying tank items.

2. Natural Counter For Blinking Heroes

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Khufra's second skill, Bouncing Ball makes it able to stop heroes who can move quickly like Fanny, Tigreal, Lancelot, Harith, and many more. This control is of course very useful for keeping teammates when chased or stopping enemies who want to run away.

3. Wall-Builder Heroes' Best Friends

Sumber: Moonton

To maximize the potential of the control effect on the skill, Khufra relies heavily on walls or the like. Therefore, it will be very suitable with wall-creating heroes like Badang or Grock. If combined properly, Khufra and one of the heroes can make many heroes at once stunned for a long time.

4. Extra Damage From Max HP


Almost all of the skills that he possesses provide additional damage to the enemy in the form of a max percentage of his cellphone. At a glance the effect of this additional damage is similar to Franco's second skill, but the number is much greater.

He can also heal his own HP through passive skills while providing super-large damage if he has enough HP. If he had 10,000 HP, then the additional damage generated could reach 1,000 magic damage!

5. Leaked Another Hero in His Lore


In his story, it is mentioned that Khufra was a very cruel and terrible king of tyrants. He is very ambitious to master the Land of Dawn and start by attacking Minoan. Unfortunately, the plan failed because the Minoan people were very strong.

But his cruel attitude turned out to attract the attention of one of the most mysterious magicians, Eslora to carry out Khufra's plan. As mentioned on Esmeralda's lore, Eslora maybe an astrologer before Esmeralda. As Dunia Games has previously informed, Esmeralda itself has been released on advanced servers at this time.

That was the fifth fact of Khufra Mobile Legends. If you already know about this one hero, don't hesitate to buy it at a shop for 32,000 battle points or the equivalent of 599 diamonds. Keep up with DuniaGames social media for information about other Mobile Legends!

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