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Five Best Budget Smartphones for You Who Want to Become a Gaming Youtuber

You want to be a Gaming YouTuber but you have a limited budget? Come see our five best low-budget smartphones with charming specifications.

Being a Youtuber is not easy. Besides requiring attraction, Youtuber also needs tools so that they can produce a content maximumly. Similar to other Youtuber, Gaming Youtuber also needs a PC or a smartphone.

Because the price of PC is too expensive for some people, there are some Youtuber who only rely on a smartphone to capture their playing moments. Here are 10 smartphones that you can use to become Gaming Youtuber .

5. Redmi Note 5 Pro


Even though it's been a year, the Redmi Note 5 Pro is still suitable for you to use as a smartphone with gaming needs. Using Snapdragon 636 makes the Redmi Note 5 Pro so powerful for running upper-middle class games.

The choice of 4 and 6 GB RAM makes the Redmi Note 5 reliable to have many applications. With these advantage, the Redmi Note is able to record its screen activity without any serious problems. The Antutu score obtained by the Redmi Note 5 Pro is 109.69 which is quite large. To get it, you must be willing to spend around Rp.2,200,000.

4. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1


This smartphone has become the idol of game enthusiast in 2018, and you can get it at a fairly cheap price now, which is only around Rp1,800,000. With the cheapest model using 3 GB RAM, Asus Max Pro M1 is very feasible to help your activities as a Youtuber.

Moreover, he already used a 5000mAh battery which would certainly have a very strong endurance.

3. Nokia 6.1 Plus


Apart from having a luxurious design, Nokia 6.1 Plus also has a very roaring performance. Using Snapdragon 636 processor, it is enough run heavy class games in Nokia 6.1 Plus. The Antutu score from Nokia 6.1 Plus is quite large, which is 109,000.

The advantage of the Nokia 6.1 is located on the screen that has 1080 x 2280 pixels with a screen density of 435 PPI. You can buy Nokia 6.1 Plus with a price range around IDR 3,000,000.

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