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Five Best Budget Smartphones for You Who Want to Become a Gaming Youtuber

You want to be a Gaming YouTuber but you have a limited budget? Come see our five best low-budget smartphones with charming specifications.

2. Asus Max Pro M2


As the successor of Max Pro M1, M2 has a higher specification. Evident proves that M2 processor used Snapdragon 660, a level higher than the M1 which only uses 636. M2 screen is 6.26 inches wide and protected with Gorilla Glass 6 which proved strong in dealing with sharp scratches.

The Asus Max Pro M2 has a large Antutu score at 143,000. Because as the latest generation, it's not a surprise if it is naturally has a higher price than M1. Max Pro M2 is sold around Rp. 2,700,000.

1.Realme 2 Pro


Released in October 2018, Realme 2 Pro is still very capable of being your gaming buddy. The jumbo 6.3 inches screen makes our eyes feel pampered. One of the special things about Realme 2 Pro is its crazy internal storage, which is 128 GB.

With this internal size, you can have a lot of games and recording lots of videos for your Youtube content. Using Snapdragon 660 makes Realme 2 Pro get an Antutu score of 140,000. You can have Realme 2 Pro with a price around Rp. 2,000,000.

Those are five smartphones that are suitable for you who want to become a Gaming Youtuber with a limited budget. From those five smartphone on the list above, which one attracts you the most? Give your answer in the comments column!

Main image source: smartprix.com

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