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Harvest Moon Successor, Stardew Valley, Is Officially Available on Play Store. Does It Deserve to Buy?

After its success on PC, Stardew Valley is now available on Android platform. Is it worth buying?

On 14 March 2019, Chuckelfish Limited as the developer of Stardew Valley game finally released this farming game on Google Playstore. Those who have made pre-registration can buy the game at Rp 119,000,-.

With the capacity of 151 MB, Stardew Valley can be played on your device with a small internal storage capacity. Though small in capacity, the game provides you with lots of gameplay.

Is Stardew Valley Worth Buying?


Some people think that Harvest Moon is the only game about farming. It is normal since the game created by Natsume, which has interesting storyline and gameplay, has lingered in the mind of Play Station 1 generation kids.

A range of activities can be done in the game from fishing, farming, to getting married. That kind of mechanism invites the players to feel the excitement of running a life as a farmer starting from selling vegetables and fruits as a living.

It's not easy to find a game the same as what Harvest Moon offers in the current games.  Many follow its way by creating games with a theme close to it. However, those games are made only based on the theme, they don't have good storylines so it makes the games uninteresting.

Unlike other games, Stardew Valley, on the other hand, has been successful to become the successor of Harvest Moon, though it is launched by a different developer. The customization of the characters, various items, map choices, an interesting storyline and the activities that can be done in the game are very well developed by Chuklefish Limited.

With all those strong points, Stardew Valley is able to entice simulation game players so it gets a very positive response. To those who long for farming atmosphere as what Harvest Moon gives, the writer recommends Stardew Valley.

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