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Boredom Kicking in, The Creator of PUBG Moves to Develop New Project

What would the creator of PUBG do after moving to a new division?

PUBG players know very well who Brendan Greene is, he's the creator of the battle royal game. Now he's reported to have left the team and heading a new division still part of PUBG Corp.

Quoting Endgadget.com, brendan said that his team would explore, experiment and invent all sorts of technology relevant to gaming. With his new team, he plans to explore the possibility of new forms of connections and interactions within the gaming room. In a nutshell, his new division will focus more on game development and research.


To replace Brendan's place, Tae Sok Jang, the current Art Director, will replace him as head of PUBG's development team. Brendan would subsequently act as an advisor to the game.

He's also added that the new division his heading has obtained something interesting and will be showcasing it this year. Sadly, Brendan didn't share any details as of what he meant.


Throughout his time being part of PUBG's developper team, Brendan has met many personality of the gaming Industry. Such a case is truly interesting. But he has shown boredom of the industry and is missing a homey-like room to play games.

Let's hope that his new project will bring significant improvements to the gaming Industry. Stay tuned on duniagames.com for more interesting information on gaming.

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