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This is What Happens When You Play Mobile Legends on a Foldable Smartphone, Feels Like Cheating

As new innovation in smartphone industry, the foldable smartphone has wider screen surface. So how would it feel to play Mobile Legends on it?

MWC (Mobile World Congress) is an exhibition organized every year in February in Barcelona, Spain. This year's MWC has brought forth many new technologies, including the foldable smartphone. As a new innovation, this smartphone has successfully aroused the enthusiasm of gadget lovers.

Several smartphone producers have unveiled their foldable smartphones, namely Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo.


Samsung came first before the others to unveil the Galaxy Fold as its flagship product, followed by Mate X from Huawei, and Oppo's foldable smartphone. With the added screen, the foldable smartphone has a wider resolution. This makes it more convenient for watching movies and reading ebooks.

So how would it look if it's used for playing MOBA games like Mobile Legends?

As you could see on the video, the display of the game seems normal when using the main screen. When the additional screen is unfolded, the field of view became significantly larger!

What are your thoughts on this new technology? Can it be used for cheating? Leave Your comments below

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