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7 Best Android Smartphone Below Rp3 Million, Best For Gaming and Everyday Uses

Do you want to buy a cool smartphone with affordable price? These are 7 Android smartphones with a price below Rp3,000,000.

Nowadays, a smartphone is an important necessity. Smartphones can do various things such as playing games, looking for information, reading ebooks, and be a guide.

To do that, a smartphone with a qualified specification is surely needed. Dunia Games recommend seven Android smartphones with high specifications with a price below Rp3,000,000.

7. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5


Relying on Snapdragon 636 makes the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 sold well on the market. The sloping price given by Xiaomi makes the Redmi Note 5 is highly in demand. At the moment, you can get the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 for Rp2,000,000

6. Asus Max Pro M1


Officially released in April 2018, Asus Max Pro M1 was a surprise for consumers in Indonesia. Asus managed to confuse Xiaomi with its higher endurance than the Redmi Note 5 in terms of gaming. You can get M1 Max Pro which uses a 636 processor and 3 GB RAM at a price of Rp1,800,000.

5. Mi A2 Lite


As a cheaper series of Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite has lower specifications than its brother. Even so, the performance and quality of Mi A2 Lite cannot be underestimated. Using Snapdragon 625, Mi A2 Lite can already run several middle class games.

Mi A2 Lite camera uses two lenses, each of which uses 12 MP and 5 MP which are suitable to be a photo buddy. Mi A2 Lite is currently valued at Rp2,000,000.

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Voucher Games

Free Fire
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Arena of Valor
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Mobile Legends
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Rp 3.000

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