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Esmeralda Mobile Legends Item Guide, Drain the Enemies Shield and Kill Them Quickly!

Here is Esmeralda Mobile Legends item guide that can make her a hard tank and also a terrifying mage in the game.

The latest unique hero with a tank/mage role, Esmeralda, finally arrived on Mobile Legends. This shield manipulation specialist hero has tremendous potential, both as a tank and mage. Not to mention if you have provided the following items, she will be even more terrifying! What are those items? Check out these following Esmeralda Mobile Legends item guide.

Demon Shoes

in-game screenshot

To keep Esmeralda's MP full, Demon Shoes is the best choice for her. In addition to providing a fairly high MP regen, Demon Shoes also recovered a number of MP when killing minions, heroes, or getting assists.

If you start running out of MP, farm for a while, so you are always ready for the teamfight. Don't forget to help your teammates too because you will also be able to recover your MP when you get assists.

Feather of Heaven

in-game screenshot

This item was also the best choice for Esmeralda considering that her basic attack dealing damage twice so the damage from Feather of Heaven will be doubled. Indeed, the numbers are relatively small, but this is very useful at high levels later.

In addition, Feather of Heaven also gives a pretty good attack speed so that Esmeralda becomes very dangerous when doing her basic attacks.

Concentrated Energy

in-game screenshot

To keep his HP full, Concentrated Energy is the best choice. A fairly large number of spell vamp helped her to keep the HP full and assisted with shields that were stolen from the enemy when dealing damage.

But do remember, having this item does not mean you can go forward as much as possible to the enemies crowd because Esmeralda can also die if you play her randomly.

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