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Five Facts about Esmeralda Mobile Legends, a Hero Who Can Trouble Her Own Team

Here are five facts about Esmeralda Mobile Legends that you must know. It turns out that she can trouble her own team!

The first hero/tank mage in Mobile Legends, Esmeralda, had a great chance to become a meta hero. She has unique and horrifying abilities with a large area. But, do you know that Esmeralda keeps some secrets? The following are facts of Esmeralda Mobile Legends that you must know.

1. A Hero With Hybrid Damage

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Judging by his skill description, Esmeralda became the first hero to have a hybrid damage; both pshysical and magical damage. Even so, her magical damage is her more dominant considering she is a tank/mage.

But that doesn't mean you can't build her physical items. This is possible even though it is less effective than magical item builds.

2. Absorbing All Types of Enemies' Shield Without Exception

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As a tank hero, Esmeralda is the most unique hero because she can absorb shields from enemies and make them her own. The unique fact is that all enemies’ shield will be sucked by her without exception; including the Aegis battle spell, Athena's Shield item, Lolita or Johnson passive skills, and the attack produced by Esmeralda herself.

This effect certainly makes a hero who really needs shields can be overwhelmed by Esmeralda when she is present on the official server later.

3. Astrologer Before Eslora?


In her story, Esmeralda is said to remembering an astrologer before herself. In this story, it is connected with Khufra's past, a tyranny who tried to master Minos Labyrinth.

If you see the story of Khufra himself, it is mentioned that he was helped by a mysterious magician named Eslora who helped Khufra carry out his mission. Remembering the story, Esmeralda felt sad because she had to seal Khufra and it becomes a strong evidence that Eslora was an astrologer before Esmeralda.

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