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Free Fire Hayato Guide: The Sacrificial Samurai

By sacrificing his blood Hayato of Free Fire could improve his ability. Not just that, he also got the looks.

Exactly on 20th March, 2019, Free Fire released a new character, a pure blooded samurai named Hayato. Previously, Moco the hacker was presented with the ability to mark his opponents when hit with an attack, this time the samurai is not only strong, but Hayato also posesses a beautiful face.

Hayato, Sacrificed Blood for the Sake of Power

Garena Free Fire

Hayato is a 20 years old man hailing from a legendary samurai family. Being the only child, Hayato is burdened with continuing his family's tradition and thus his life is bridled. This responsibility turned Hayato to become a strong samurai ready to sacrifice his life for glory.

Having lw HP is bad news for every character as it makes them easy to kill. The case is different with Hayato who gets stronger with less health. With this ability, are you sure you're brave enough for a 1 vs 1 duel with Hayato.

Barbar for the sake of Booyah

Screenshot In-game

As explained above, Hayato possesses the passive ability, Bushido, to increase his damage when having lesser health. With this ability, you guys who play a barbaric playstyle will be spoiled.

But you need to remember that this ability is like a double edged sword for Hayato. But don't get carried away with his passive ability that you forgot about his health and die.

Hayato's Bushido ability will be usable after 10% of his Health has been depleted. For the first level, you'll receive an addition of 7,5% increase in damage and up to 10% once you've reached the maximum level.

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Free Fire
Start from
Rp 2.500
Arena of Valor
Start from
Rp 2.500
Mobile Legends
Start from
Rp 1.500
Start from
Rp 3.000
Garena Shell
Start from
Rp 12.500

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