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Heropedia Terizla Mobile Legends, Fighter With Giant Hammer and the Slowest!

Terizla is a new Mobile Legends fighter hero with the slowest attack speed! Read his advantages on this Heropedia.

Terizla is the newest fighter hero in Mobile Legends which is very unique. Besides his ferocious appearance, Terizla also had a great and deadly physical damage with a large area of effect.

Do you want to know more about this hero who carries a big hammer ? Take a look at the statistic and his ability below !

Hero Statistic

In-game screenshot

From the picture above, we can see how big his offense and durability, this is because Terizla can produce super large damage thanks to his skills. He also has damage reduction when he is dying, making him harder for the enemy to kill. But Terizla has to use a large amount of mana for his skill.

His main disadvantage is his attack speed that cannot increase at all so it is very difficult when dealing one on one against Zilong, Alucard, or the like. But the attack speed that he gets later will turn into physical damage in large quantities.

Even so, he is still equipped with slow and chained control effects with a large area of effect and enormous damage. If you have got the required item, the damage of Terizla can reach up to 1000 basic attack! With that amount of damage, non-tank heroes can die quickly because of his skill.

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