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Best Five Mobile Legends Mage Heroes on April 2019, Gord Lost to His Disciple?

There area 24 heroes available, but only 5 who become the best in this month. Let's see who is the best Mobile Legends Mage Heroes on April 2019.

Of all the roles in Mobile Legends, mage is still the favorite one in the game. Mage heroes are usually able to produce large amounts of magic damage with a short cooldown. Unfortunately, they have low HP and can be killed quickly. Until now, there are 24 mage heroes available in Mobile Legends before the presence of Faramis. Of the 24 heroes, there are only best five in this month. Who eventually makes the list of best Mobile Legends mage heroes of April 2019? Check out more below.

5. Gord


Thanks to his Mystic Projectile which can bounce when it does not hit anything three times before finally exploding, he can now unleash a stun effect from a great distance. Not to mention the changes in passive skills that make him able to produce true damage based on his magic damage, Gord will be very deadly when combined with such crowd control heroes as Gatotkaca, Minotaur, or Johnson. In this month, Gord is in fifth position with a winrate of 52.83 percent.

4. Valir


Valir is increasingly showing his potential lately. He has skills with large areas and high damage so he is perfect for a team fight. He is also very flexible and can be combined with various heroes such as Gatotkaca, Hylos, or Johnson to land his skills easily. As long as he can position it well, Valir will be very deadly and very difficult to approach.

Unfortunately, Valir is weak against damage burst and control effects, considering that he is pretty weak as a mage hero. This disciple of Gord goes up to fourth place with a winrate of 52.92 percent.

3. Odette


Not only beautiful, Odette still secures her third position. The control effect of her skill is enough to distract opponents with slow and bind effects. Not to mention the addition of bouncing magic damage from basic attacks after using the skill makes her able to disturb nearby enemy heroes.

Plus, the skill covers large areas and can injure many heroes at once. With a good combination with tank heroes such as Johnson, Tigreal, or Gatotkaca, she can flatten five heroes at once. Odette is in third place with a winrate of 53.2 percent.

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