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Six Interesting Facts about Boruto Episode 101: Reinforcement Arrives, It's Time to Counterattack!

Boruto Episode 101 has aired. Have you watched it ? If you haven’t, see the interesting facts here.

We are back again to discuss about Boruto! This discussion is about six facts of Boruto Episode 101. This episode is in the Cursed Seal arc. The story last week ended with Jugo being arrested by suspicious Land of Rivers researchers. Reinforcement plays a very important role in this episode.

Check six facts about Boruto episode 101 below!

6. Suigetsu and Karin Arrived!

Masashi Kishimoto/Mikio Ikemoto/Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

Initially, Sumire met Suigetsu and Karin. They have not yet known each other, making Nue suddenly attacked the two of them and made Sumire faint. After that, Konoha’s team 7 arrived and met them.

The arrival of Suigetsu and Karin is to bring Jugo back to Orochimaru's lab. Hearing their mate being caught, they will help Konoha's team 7 to save Jugo.

5. Karin and Sarada

Masashi Kishimoto/Mikio Ikemoto/Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

Since the episode of Boruto which discussed Sarada's biological mother, the fans were curious what if Karin and Sarada talk to each other without any interference. In this episode you might be able to cure your curiosity. Sarada's face looked very happy, seems like she really respected Karin.

Karin did meet Sarada in Mitsuki Disappearance arc, but they did not have a conversation for long at that time.

As they talked to each other, Sumire regained consciousness.

4. Rescuing Jugo Started!

Masashi Kishimoto/Mikio Ikemoto/Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

After Sumire regained her consciousness, she told what happened to Konoha's team 15. Sumire said that her team was attacked by two assailants capable of using the Cursed Seal with a necklace. Hearing this, Suigetsu and Karin were interested in helping the Konoha genin.

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