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Heropedia X.Borg Mobile Legends, IMBA Hero Fighter That Can Spray Fire and Explode!

Released on the advanced server Mobile Legends, X.Borg will be a future meta candidate. Check out the power of X.Borg through the following Heropedia

After a long wait, the Mobile Legends players have been able to play the latest Hero, namely X.Borg. He is a fighter who is being crazy about the players today.

X.Borg has a very deadly ability because some of its skills are high damage. Looking at its potential, X.Borg is likely to be able to compete with other Heroes like Argus and become a future meta candidate.

That's a glimpse of the advantages of X.Borg in the game. Want to know more about this Hero who has a combined skill between Kimmy, Irithel, Gusion, and Thamuz? Check out the statistics and the ability to fight Hero Mobile Legends through this Heropedia.

Hero Stastistic 

in-game screenshot

From the picture above, we can see the statistics owned by X.Borg are quite even. The interesting thing about X.Borg is that it doesn't use energy to release skills. The cooldown of each skill he has is fast enough so it is very effective while on war. In the Health Bar section, you can see that the Hero's blood is divided in two with armor.

In the statistics section, X.Borg is a Hero fighter that is quite difficult to play. But in fact, X.Borg isn't as difficult as it says. This Hero One focus is to reduce the opponent's blood quickly and pull it towards you. Moreover, X.Borg can restore large HP and armor so you don't have to go back to the base many times.

Want to know the capabilities of X.Borg Mobile Legends? Check on the next page!

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