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Heropedia X.Borg Mobile Legends, IMBA Hero Fighter That Can Spray Fire and Explode!

Released on the advanced server Mobile Legends, X.Borg will be a future meta candidate. Check out the power of X.Borg through the following Heropedia

Hero Ability

in-game screenshot

Firaga Armor  - Passive

X.Borg is equipped with Firaga Armor which converts his cellphone into armor and receives all damage for himself when active. When he does fire, he will not take damage. To recover his armor, X.Borg must take the balls in the game area. In addition, this ability can cause opponents to overheat when exposed to fire.

Fire Missiles  - Skill 1 (Aktif)

When Firaga Armor is full, X.Borg can spout fire at opponents who can overheat it. Because this skill gives 40 physical damage for 2 seconds. When the opponent's temperature increases, the attack will deal true damage. When X.Borg does not have enough Firaga Armor, this skill will have a sharp attack angle and extend the attack distance but reduce damage by 40%.

Fire Stake - Skill 2 (Aktif)

X.Borg can fire six Fire Stake that will stay for three seconds. Next, this Fire Stake will return to his body and draw the enemies around to get close to him. Every Fire Stake deals 50 physical damage to opponents. If you don't have armor, the Fire Stake attack will go further and shorten the distance between Fire Stake.

Last Insanity - Ultimate (Aktif)

This skill is the Ultimate skill that X.Borg has. When activated, X.Borg will blast his armor by spinning while spitting fire in the surrounding area. The dusty attack provides 100 Physical Damage and lasts for three seconds. Then he will detonate himself and give 500 and 15% True Damage from the target HP. When this skill is used, the Firaga Armor used will also be destroyed, so you must collect the balls to restore the armor.

That's the brief Heropedia X.Borg this time. To maximize the potential of the skill, X.Borg certainly needs various supporting items. What are the items? Stay tuned in DuniaGames for build X.Borg info!

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