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Besides ‘Mungkin Nanti’ by Ariel Noah, There Are More Indonesian Songs Sung In Japanese That Will Make You Eargasm!

Have you listen to the Japanese version of ‘Mungkin Nanti’ sung by Ariel Noah? There are more Indonesian songs were sung in Japanese!

Indonesian song is the property of our country. Then, how if the song sung again, but in foreign language - for example, in Japanese? Will the song still enjoyable just like the original?

Of course it does! Indonesian song basically good and even it were sung in other language does not affect much to the song itself. Just like a proverb once said “a song is an universal language - every human in this world can enjoy every song no matter the language.” Dont’ believe it? Check out these Indonesian songs that were sung in Japanese!

6. Hey Cantik – Shaggy Dog

You may know or at least hear about Hey Cantik, right? A song by Shaggy Dog is a hit back in the 2000s. Because it’s so attractive, Hiroaki Kato sings this song in Japanese when he is on the stage . Interestingly, the word ‘Hey Cantik’ changed into ‘Hey Kawaii Ko-chan’ which means ‘Hey cutie.’ Cute, right?

5. Laskar Pelangi – Nidji

Who fall in love with this song from Nidji? Laskar Pelangi surely could brought us to “keep dancing and keep laughing’, just like the song itself. Here is a little piece of the lyrics in Japanese on the reff part that as good as the original.

"…Odorou yo waraou yo
Kono yo wa tengoku ja naikeredo
Hahanaru mono ni kansha shiyou
Bokura no ai yo eien ni…"

4. Ruang Rindu – Letto

Ruang Rindu by Letto were sung by Hirako Kato in Japanese for the first time. Next, this song were sung by the original singer itself, Noe. The melodious voice of Hiroaki Kato is very balanced with Noe Letto’s voice, unique and heartwarming. There’s a rumor that Hiroaki Kato and Noe Letto are best friends! No surprise if they can collaborate to this Indonesian song.

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