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No Wifi Needed, This Android Smartphone Can Download 1 GB File In Just 6 Seconds!

The future is here! This new Android smartphone can download giga file in seconds!

On Wednesday 10th, 2019. Oppo officially introduced the a new Android smartphone called Reno. Oppo Reno has three variants, the first one is Oppo Reno standard edition, then Oppo 10x Zoom Edition, and the recently introduced Oppo Reno 5G.


On the event which held in Swisscom, Oppo showed the download speed of Reno 5G using

a Chinese network Unicom 5G. On the event, this Oppo Reno 5G can through internet speed up to 1.300Mbps which is can download a movie in just 6 seconds!

Even with this 5G technology, Oppo Reno can be used to play mobile game such as Arena of Valor only using cloud (no download needed). This technology will give you a better experience in playing, and surely you don’t have to wait for a long time to play a game.


This newest 5G technology from Oppo actually has been introduced at MWC 2019 which as held in February. Then Oppo was held a demonstration which can solve a number of troubles on smartphones, such as antenna fixing, baseband, battery consumption, and many more.

So, when will Indonesia have an internet speed like this? Don’t forget to follow Dunia Games official account so you won’t miss any interesting news.

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Source: Gizchina.com

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