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Exclusive Interview with Boom.ID, DGPL Free Fire Finalists

Nearing the final of DGPL Free Fire. Dunia Games did an exclusive interview with Boom.ID team. Curious with the excitement? Let’s check this out!

Nearing the DPGL Free Fire final that will be held on April 27, 2019. Team from Dunia Games got a chance to do a short interview with one of the biggest team which is Boom.ID. Boom.ID consists of five members, they are:

  1. Rahid ‘Jeweels’ Vilsadid.
  2. Angga Dwi ‘Whynot’ Sudarjo.
  3. Sudarman ‘Bobs’
  4. Abidzar ‘Raden-’ Alghiffary
  5. Deyo ‘Weezer’ Satria

Unfortunately, Raden- and Weezer couldn’t join the interview because they already have another arrangement.

Boom.ID is one of the team that able to get into top four in the temporary DGPL team points. They only 100 points apart from Headhunters, who currently in the third position now.

Curious with what will Boom.ID do on the final? Let’s check it out!

What did you usually do when doing the training and what are the tricks?

We usually play solo vs squad, we play individually. First, we start from 14:00 WIB until 16:00 WIB. The goal is to train individual skill. For example, our friends, three or two people die (in the game), they are already accustomed to being ranked.

How do you guys feel when you make it to the final? Do you expect it or is it unexpected?

We already prepared ourselves, of course, for the final and really thrilled. We already prepared the tricks that we will use on the final.

In the DGPL final, which team do you consider the most difficult one to defeat?

The SFI team

Before the final, the match itself was quite long. Have you ever lost the match because of the player’s mistakes?

Everyone made mistakes.  

Have you ever fought or not?

We never fought, but we often had disagreement. We never use our fists though. We simply let it go on the next week in-game. If you get annoyed, just take it on the opponent. And usually, after match we evaluate ourselves, where did we go wrong.

What are you preparing for the final?

We always review other teams. Especially the one who participated on the Free Fire Worlds Cup (FFWC) in Thailand. We learned a lot from that.

As pro players, you guys obviously spending your time playing game. Apart from it, what did you do?

Bucin (slave of love). If not, we play another game.

More to see in page two!

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Free Fire
Start from
Rp 2.500
Arena of Valor
Start from
Rp 2.500
Mobile Legends
Start from
Rp 1.500
Start from
Rp 3.000
Garena Shell
Start from
Rp 12.500

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