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Find Out 7 Interesting Things Infinity Sword, Thanos's New Weapon in Avengers: Endgame Here

How great is the Infinity Sword used by Thanos in Avengers: Endgame huh?

Through the new Avengers trailer: Endgame you can see information that Thanos will really have a new weapon, which is rumored to be the Infinity Sword. The sword was said to be Thanos's new weapon. The sword also complements the armor that is also the Titan's new war tool.

Despite having all Infinity Stones, Thanos still needs a new weapon. Because, according to the Russo brothers director, Thanos lost quite a lot of his strength because of using the six Infinity Stones.

Then what are the interesting things about Thanos's new weapon? See the following discussion together.

7. Never in Comics


The appearance of Thanos's new weapon in the new trailer of Avengers: Endgame certainly makes Marvel fans wonder, where the weapon came from. Because, there is no information that explains the information about Thanos's sword. In Marvel comics, it has never been told that Thanos holds a weapon in the form of a sword to defeat the Avengers.

6. Substitute for Infinity Gauntlet


The existence of this Infinity Sword will likely change the position of Infinity Gauntlet which was damaged when used by Thanos. After passing genocide on all beings in the universe, Thanos needs new weapons to protect him from the threats that come to him.

5. Not Only Thanos


The existence of Infinity Sword only appears in the animated series The Superhero Squad aired by Cartoon Network. Where these weapons were used by Silver Surfer, Dark Surfer, and Doctor Doom. The weapon is known to have cosmic power and will react unexpectedly when contact occurs. Even the power of the Infinity Sword is able to destroy even the Galactus.

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