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Ten Cursed Seal User Characters on Naruto, Get Stronger with Dangerous Jutsu!

Their body is covered in Curse Seal, these Naruto characters gained strong but dangerous powers! Who are they?

In Naruto’s world, Cursed Seal can be said as a mark attached on someone’s body and able to give them unexpected tremendous amount of power -- but also has side effects for the users. Who are the Cursed Seal users? Let’s check it out!

10. Anko Mitarashi

Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

The first student and also the first survivor from Orochimaru’s Heaven’s Cursed Seal. Because she rarely use her power, this seal slowly getting weaker, and Orochimaru makes to forget her memory. After the seal’s power truly disappear when Sasuke using it to revive Orochimaru.

9. Mizuki

Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

Mizuki, Iruka’s childhood friend who turns out exploiting Naruto on the first episode, once become Orochimaru’s soldier. He received his seal which gives him a potion to make a medicine, turning himself into a beast. Due to his seal is an incomplete experiment, Mizuki almost died and losing all his power from his body when the effect takes off.

8. Kimimaro

Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

This Kekkei Genkai Shikotsumyaku user who hoped to become a body substitution for Orochimaru. Due to his unique power, Orochimaru gave him Chi no Juin. But before his body was taken, Kimimaro dies due to mysterious illness.

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