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[REVIEW] Rich Wars, Competitive Mobile Board Game With Super Fast Gameplay!

Netmarble recently released a new mobile board game which is Rich Wars. What will the gameplay be? Check the review below.

After the success of the previous game, Netmarble is back to release a new and different mobile board game called Rich Wars. This game has different gameplay nuance than other games because it’s more competitive than previous game. Let’s check our review about Rich Wars below.

Writer tried to play this game on Xiaomi Mi Max 2 which equipped with Snapdragon 625. The graphics is so smooth even though the FPS is limited due to the game has high graphics for a board game.

In this game, there are characters to be played. On the released day, characters are limited. Uniquely, there are characters from DC to play with such as Batman. There’s also Joker on the game cover which is possibly to become playable in the future.

Core Selection and Characters Competing Strategy

in-game screenshot

On Rich Wars, there’s a numerous of things you have to know before you play. You can select one of the characters and four cores in total with abilities suited for your character.

Aside of the core and a character, you can also select dice which has unique effects on each dice. Until this article was published, there’s not much dice available. But in the future probably more dice available you can use.

Super Fast Gameplay

in-game screenshot

After entering room, you will be asked to choose a room depends on your stack, from 10.000 up to 100.000. The higher your stack, the higher the money you will receive, or lose.

While playing, surely you are familiar with Rich Wars visual. Luckily, the gameplay you enjoy will go faster due to the competition only have one on one match.

The cooler part is, you don’t have to struggle to find Angel Cards or odd/even dice because you can get the feature itself without losing a single money. As a side note, odd/even dice numbers are limited for free and can be used again using Diamonds.

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