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Five Interesting Facts About Boruto Episode 103: Jugo and Cursed Seal Arc Ends!

Boruto episode 103 has been aired! Have you watch it? If you haven’t, then you have to see these cool facts below!

4. Sumire Wants to Transfer to Konoha’s Scientific Ninja Tool Division

Masashi Kishimoto/Mikio Ikemoto/Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

In the manga, Sumire is seen to become Katasuke Tono’s assistant in Konoha’s Scientific Ninja Tool Division. Her reason is explained on this episode.

Sumire transfers from active ninja to Konoha’s Scientific Ninja Tool because she wants to sharpen her skill to control Nue. Right now, controlling Nue is difficult for Sumire.

5. Tosaka’s Fate

Masashi Kishimoto/Mikio Ikemoto/Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

Tosaka is the culprit behind Cursed Seal events. Konohamaru planned to bring him to Konoha. But he is lose fast by ex-member of Taka who wants to bring Tosaka to Orochimaru.

Looks like Orochimaru will use Tosaka to learn Cursed Seal more deeper. So, it will be possible if this maniac scientific to be killed off easily.

That’s five facts about Boruto Episode 103. Jugo and Curse Seal arc ended happily. Combined team led by Konohamaru have done their mission even though many unexpected obstacles comes on their way.  

A preview for Boruto Episode 104 introduced a lost kitten that will be taken care of by Mitsuki. Unfortunately, next episode will be a filler and we don’t know when Boruto returns to he main story. Enjoy it while it’s aired!

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Featured image source: Masashi Kishimoto/Mikio Ikemoto/Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

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