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Five Facts About Ladros, One of Commanders of Diamond Kingdom in Black Clover!

Ladros is among the Eight Shining Generals of the Diamond Kingdom. Here are 5 facts about Ladros, who apparently has relations with Asta!

In Black Clover’s the Witch Forest plot, Ladros is seen messing things up in the Clover Kingdom. He becomes one of the Black Clover antagonists which, until now, has not been shown yet again in the anime. This time, we will go over interesting bits about Ladros. Scroll to continue reading!

5. Asta’s Former Compatriot

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

Asta learned to use a sword from Fanzell Kruger, who also taught magic to young Ladros. In a way, both Ladros was Asta’s former compatriot. The difference is, Ladros was Fanzell’s disciple when he was still an instructor in the Diamond Kingdom, while Asta was taught by Fanzell after he left the kingdom.

4. Born without Mana

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

Similar to Asta, Ladros was born without mana. It means that he is unable to use magic. Since he was a child, Ladros has often been ostracized for not having mana like most other children. He then went on to train under Fanzell along with Mars and Fana. Following Fanzell’s departure from the Diamond Kingdom, Ladros underwent a surgery and gained the ability to absorb and emit mana.

3. Owns Strength Transformation

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

When Fana was awakened by Asta and Mars, Ladros came and attacked Mars. With reflex, Fana unleashed salamander to block and attack Ladros. With his ability to absorb mana, Ladros maintained to absorb the salamander and eventually own the fire strength that he could use any time he wanted to. In fact, he was able to fire a fire laser that eventually hurt Asta's shoulder.

Find other interesting facts about Ladros of Black Clover on the next page!

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