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Anime-Styled MOBA! Extraordinary Ones Has Released on Android in CBT State!

Extraordinary Ones is available to download and play from Google Play Store, guys!

Remember with a MOBA game from NetEse called Inhuman Academy? The MOBA game now renamed as Extraordinary Ones. You can play Extraordinary Ones in CBT state until April 27th 2019.

For those who don’t know about this game, Extraordinary Ones is a 5-VS-5 MOBA game with anime styled graphics. Same as other MOBA, this game has similar gameplay, but a little bit different than Arena of Valor.


There are 43 heroes you can play during CBT state. For those who don’t want to collect coins to buy heroes, of course you can obtain diamonds, heroes, and skins by completing events.

After CBT time is over, every player’s data will be reset. So, waste your diamonds to your heart’s content to buy everything in this game.

You can see the gameplay of Extraordinary Ones from this video below. Don’t forget to follow Dunia Games official account for more information about video games.

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Main Image Source: gamerbraves.com

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