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[REVIEW] Extraordinary Ones, Anime Styled MOBA Game Suitable for Weeaboos!

What is this Anime style MOBA game looks like? Is it worth to play? Let’s check it out!

Who does not like to play MOBA games? In this age, there are many new MOBA games for mobile phones because it’s simple and can be played anywhere. One of them is Extraordinary Ones, newest MOBA games which has anime-styled graphics.

Extraordinary Ones has different gameplay unlike other MOBA games even though it has same mechanics. This MOBA has similar concept like anime Boku no Hero Academia like school arena, and has school atmosphere or superhero academy.

You can enjoy this game in Android. But because Extraordinary Ones is still in CBT state, of course there are many bugs in the game such as hero description is still in Chinese. This CBT state will be prolonged until May 6th 2019. So for those who wanted to try it, you can install it and play it.

Screenshot in game

For you who is a weeaboo, maybe you will like this MOBA game because not only has anime style graphics, Extraordinary Ones also have Japanese dub to all heroes which can make the anime feel more lively.

Few splash art from heroes also has the same style like anime you used to watch. You can download it and use it as wallpaper if you have obtained certain skill or heroes.

Wanna know how the gameplay and the graphic quality of Extraordinary Ones? Check the next page!

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