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[REVIEW] Extraordinary Ones, Anime Styled MOBA Game Suitable for Weeaboos!

What is this Anime style MOBA game looks like? Is it worth to play? Let’s check it out!


Screenshot in game

If you’re not strange and have mastered a MOBA game, this game’s system is not far different than other MOBA games which is destroying a towers and bases to win. But Extraordinary Ones has chest item which you can get around the forest. Chest items has few additional talents and spells such as healing, refresh, cooldown, bomb, and chips which can increase your hero’s attack.

Talent dan skill from your hero can also undergo an evolution after meeting certain condition such as gaining many kills. Sounds tricky, but you will get used to this unique gameplay.

After entering the game, you can immediately jump to the lane you wanted to go using the device around the base by stay atop of it, and the device will automatically throws you. You can use this device until mid game session.


Screenshot in game

Like what we said before, Extraordinary Ones has anime styled graphics that is not rigid like  other anime styled game. The movement of every character is so smooth, moreover if you activate high fps mode.

But, there are few hero’s expression which is forced such as Minnie and Brella. But such thing  does not affect the gameplay. Because it has graphics like anime, of course there are heroines you choose as your waifu.


Screenshot in game

Features available in Extraordinary Ones are very quite complete. There is dye system which can customize hero’s colour or skin and also voice which maybe can customize hero’s voice. But this voice is still not available on this CBT state.

There are also battle pass feature which can allow you to get good skin with cheap price. This feature called The Chosen One Handbook. For those who loves gacha system, this game also has gacha rewarded with hero, skin, dan dye.

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