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Too OP! Here Are 7 Reasons Why Guinevere on Mobile Legends Must Be Banned!

Who amongst you often loses when meeting this hero? Yes, Guinevere is must be banned and here are 7 reasons!

For those who likes to play Mobile Legends, surely you know this hero. Guinevere is recently become popular among players and becomes strongest fighter/mage. If playing on ranked match, you must Guinevere. Want to know why? Let’s check it out!

7. Easy Mechanisms


Even though she looks hard to play, but actually Guinevere has easy mechanism. You just have to poke enemies and beat them when dying. You don’t have to look for a chance to attack, because Guinevere can enter swarm of enemies and gives massive damage to her vicinity.

6. Poking Enemies From Afar

Screenshot In-game

As a mage hero, Guinevere has magical powers which can deliver to her enemies using one of her skill called “Magic Wave”. By using this skill, Guinevere can poke enemies from afar and very useful to her while on laning phase.

Because she has basic attack in a short range, Magic Wave becomes one of the deadliest skill of her to attack enemies as well as killing them. In addition, the cooldown time for this skill is so short so Guinevere can constantly gives significant damages.

5. Does Not Have Mana

Screenshot In-game

A mage without mana, that is Guinevere. You don’t have to be afraid of losing your mana, because Guinevere can freely spam attacks to enemies. With this you can focus to items which can decrease cooldown time and increasing damage. You don’t have to return to your base to restore mana -- because it will be time consuming, in addition losing a wave to obtain more golds.

There’s still another reason, check the next page

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