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Too OP! Here Are 7 Reasons Why Guinevere on Mobile Legends Must Be Banned!

Who amongst you often loses when meeting this hero? Yes, Guinevere is must be banned and here are 7 reasons!

4. Agile and Hard to be Killed

Screenshot In-game

This is maybe the main reason why Guinevere must be banned. Guinevere has a skill to open and flee from team battle. With her agility, Guinevere is hard to be killed even avoided.

Her ability is obtained from a skill called “Magic Thump” which enable her to jump to another location and do a dash afterwards -- while leaving an afterimage. This trick can deceive enemies. If enemies don’t know, he or she will waste his/her ultimate skill.

3. Easy to Combine With Another Hero

Screenshot In-game

Guinevere is an easy hero to be combined with any other hero. Using Magic Thumb as well as Violet Requiem, you can attack enemies who is affected by ally stun before and finish it instantly.

List of Heroes Whose Can Be Combined With Guinevere:

  • Jhonson
  • Minotaur
  • Ruby
  • Vexana
  • Aurora
  • Selena

2. Has High Burst Damage

Screenshot In-game

Naturally, a mage have high burst damage. Guinevere can defeat her enemies in seconds even though without any help. To maximize her burst damage, you can wait for enemies in a bush and defeat them with:

Magic Thumb (2) + Violet Requim (ultimate) + Energy Wave (1) + basic attack.

1. Fast Lifesteal Skill

Screenshot In-game

Not only delivering a high damage, Guinevere also has lifesteal which is originates from her passive skill. With addition lifesteal point from an item, makes Guinevere so overpowered -- even she’s taking a damage from enemies. Due to her lifesteal skill, Guinevere does not have to return to base often and can restore her HP by only attacking creeps and forest monster.

That’s seven reasons why Guinevere must be banned on ranked match. Don’t let enemy team using this hero, except you got a first turn to pick. Don’t forget to follow Dunia Games official social media account so you won’t miss any information about Mobile Legends.

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