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Are there spots and stains on the smartphone screen? Don't Use These 5 Items To Eliminate It

Want to remove analog spots and blemishes on the smartphone screen? Avoid using the following items!

Surely you are annoyed to see any spots or stains when using a smartphone. What's more, if your smartphone is often used to play games with analog controls. Later many players complained of circular spots or traces on the screen of their cellphones. Allegedly the trace appears because the screen is too often pressed when playing games.

Well, what do you usually use to clean stains or spots on the smartphone screen? Definitely with cleaning agents, like alcohol huh? Do you know that it turns out that way is wrong, you know! Some of these objects actually cause damage to the smartphone screen. Then what should not be used to clean the smartphone screen? Come see here, guys.

7. Alcohol


Who among you likes to clean the smartphone screen with alcohol? In fact, this liquid named alcohol is very dangerous for your smartphone screen. Because alcohol can easily file the screen protector layer and can also leave stains on the screen. So it's best, don't ever use alcohol or stains or spots on your smartphone screen or get worse.

6. Pants


An alternative way that is often used by smartphone users to clean the screen is to rub the screen on the pants. What're more the pants you use are jeans. Well, this method turned out to be very wrong, because directly you actually made fine scratches on the screen.

5. Glass Cleaner


The glass cleaning fluid is indeed very effective at cleaning stains or marks on the screen. But do you know that the latest smartphone can be protected by an oleophobic coating or hydrophobic coating to protect the screen from oleo (oil/oil) and hydro (water) substances? The protective layer turns out to be eroded by substances that have a liquid glass cleaner.

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