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Are there spots and stains on the smartphone screen? Don't Use These 5 Items To Eliminate It

Want to remove analog spots and blemishes on the smartphone screen? Avoid using the following items!

4. Shirt


In addition to pants, shirts are objects that are often used to clean the screen. Just like pants, t-shirts are fairly rough fabric. Even though it looks clean, it can also leave fine marks.

3. Wet wipes


Wet wipes have disinfectant substances in the form of alcohol which can kill germs. Well, this effect is the same as liquid alcohol and will actually damage the screen protector. It's best to avoid using wet wipes to clean the smartphone screen, guys.

2. Soap or Detergent


Soaps and detergents include objects that are often used to clean the screen. Usually, soap or detergent mixed with water is often used to clean the smartphone screen. It turned out that this method was wrong. Excessive water can actually seep into the smartphone and damage the components inside. Moreover detergent is a hard substance that can erode the screen.

1. Toilet Tissue or Kitchen Wipes


Toilet tissue and kitchen tissue are tissues that are often used to clean oil or clean dirt. But these two objects have a rough texture and will actually scratch your smartphone screen.

There are some things that you don't use to clean stains or spots on the smartphone screen. We recommend using a soft cloth and clean water so as not to damage the screen. For stubborn stains, you can also use masking tape by attaching and pulling it on the screen. Hopefully useful, keep following DuniaGames.co.id for information about other interesting tips.

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