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Five Reasons Why Captain America Can Use Thor's Meaning in Avengers: Endgame

How curious about how Captain America can lift Mjolnir in the Avengers: Endgame?

Director of the Avengers: Endgame, Joe Russo has finally released the spoiler from his film. Previously, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo released a statement related to the film released last April. In the contents of the release, they asked fans not to divulge the end of the film by uploading details about who lived and who died.

From the spoiler information that has been shared, there is one interesting thing, namely when Captain America can use Mjolnir to save Thor, who is almost dead by Thanos. But what is it because Captain America is able to lift even use the power of Thor's weapon? Suggestion? Come see the discussion below, guys.

5. Uru Power


Mjolnir is a metal weapon called Uru. Now Uru himself is another metal fiction in the universe of Marvel comics. This metal is found in Nidavellir which is one of the Thor's Nine Comic Worlds. Characteristics Uru resembles stone metal but also has metal properties. Not only strong like Vibranium and Adamantium, Uru can also store energy, especially magic energy.

Mjolnir who has saved strength can also choose who can use it. Besides Thor, Mjolnir can also be used by Odin. Because the making of Mjolnir was desired by Odin at that time. Just like Stormbreaker, this ax made from Uru is intended as a deadly weapon to kill Thanos. So that he can use the full power of Stormbreaker. It's different from Thanos who is also capable of holding Stormbreaker but doesn't look the same as when Thor held it.

4. Odin's Mantra


If you have watched the Thor movie (2011), you have certainly seen a scene where Odin quarreled with Thor. Odin, condemned the child to receive punishment for what he had done. Odin threw Thor to earth and said his mantra on Mjolnir. Odin said, 'Whoever holds this hammer, if he is worthy will have Thor's strength'. After the remark came out of Odin's mouth, now Mjolnir has the right to determine who is worthy to hold it.

Because the Mjolnir used by Thor was the magic of Thor: The Dark World, the spells Odin gave to Mjolnir were still valid. So it's not surprising that Captain America was chosen to be able to lift it.

3. Captain America is the Chosen One


In the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron you must see a scene where no Avengers members can lift Thor's Mjolnir Hammer, until Captain America is able to move Mjolnir even if only slightly. Seeing Mjolnir who shifted slightly certainly made Thor wonder. Whether it was just a coincidence or indeed Steve Rogers was the person chosen to be able to use Mjolnir.

Well, in Marvel comics The Mighty Thor # 390 (1988) and Fear Itself # 7 (2011) you can also see Captain America able to lift Thor's hammer. In the comic released in 1988, Thor is defeated by Grog and The Demon of Death. Captain America then lifts the Mijolnir Hammer and hands it to Thor to restore his strength.

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