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Six Tips and Tricks in PUBG Mobile For You Who Having A Hard Time Defeating Enemies While Thye’re On Prone

Still troubled to find enemies location while they’re on prone in PUBG Mobile? Let’s check it out!

One difficult moment while playing PUBG Mobile is when you facing enemies while they’re on prone position. Because they’re blend perfectly with grass, you often having a hard time finding them -- even though they’re in front of your eyes!

To resolve the matter, now writers write about tips and tricks for you who having a hard time facing enemies while they’re on prone position. Curious? Let’s check it out below!

6. Change The Graphic Setting of PUBG Mobile

Youtube.com/Ultimate Gameplay and Reviews

A graphic change in PUBG becomes the first thing we talk about. You can change the graphic of PUBG to very low setting (smooth) to dissolve shadows on grass. After changing it, grass will look shiny and becomes easier to find enemies. You can see the difference on this video below.

Youtube.com/Ultimate Gameplay and Reviews

5. Find Something Odd

Youtube.com/Ultimate Gameplay and Reviews

Even though enemies are trying to hide in grass, surely they’re still visible. You can suspect every odd things on grass, especially when the grass is a little bit darker. You can shoot it or preparing for strategies first -- such as preparing Smoke Grenade and toss them with it.

4. Use Scope to See Clearer

Youtube.com/Ultimate Gameplay and Reviews

You can see the enemy clearly even though they’re still on prone position if you’re using scope from 60-70 meter away. Enemies will think that they’re blending with the grass, but actually they can be exposed easily.

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