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The Top Six Heroes 'Kidnapping' Archers in Arena of Valor in May 2019!

Some of these Arena of Valor heroes can kill archers very quickly. Let’s check them out here!

Archer is one of the roles in Arena of Valor which can create a high level damage and painful on the late game. The only way to deal with archers on the late game is to kill them fast. Here is a list of heroes who can kill archers instantly.

The Joker

Source: Arena of Valor

The first one is The Joker. Despite being an archer, this hero is an eternal enemy for all of the archers, because he can eliminate archer in one combo. Not only that, The Joker also has a skill that immune to physical attack created by archers. This allows The Joker to kill archer without having to fear that he will be killed first.


Source: Arena of Valor

Next is Kriknak, the assassin hero with a high burst damage. Kriknak has a high level movement speed when he was flying and make it difficult for the archer to escape from Kriknak.

However if this skill did not hit the opponents’ archer, then it makes it harder for Kriknak to kill the archer when his skill is not available.


Source: Arena of Valor

Skud is a warrior hero who can kill an archer in one attack using Swagger skill. Skud also has a crowd control which can allows him to finish off an archer before he can run away.

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