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Breaks The Record! The International 2019's Battle Pass Has Reached 106 Billion Rupiah in Only 1 Day!

The International 2019 is fantastic! It’s only been a day, but DOTA 2's Battle Pass has been sold and reached more than 100 Billion Rupiah.

A while ago, DOTA 2 has released Battle Pass for it’s biggest tournament, The International which will be held soon in 2019. No wonder if the DOTA 2 players immediately bought the Battle Pass.

As if there is no tomorrow, the players keep buying the The International Battle Pass 2019 and it reached 106 billion rupiah in only 24 hours! This number has successfully set a new record for the sales for The International Battle Pass 2018 which only reached 81 billion rupiah.


Why the Battle Pass 2019 is able to reach those numbers? Of course it is because of the content presented. The ‘standard’ Battle Pass can be bought for $10 or about IDR 140,000 which containing interesting prize and also available for discounted price. Wrath of the Mo'rokai Custom Game Mode, Jungle Expedition, and also unlock the Guardians of the Lost Path tower which can be customized were included in the Battle Pass this year.

As a DOTA 2 player, will you buy The International Battle Pass 2019 and take part in creating the sales fantastic numbers?

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