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Akai Is Still Annoying! Here Are 5 Best Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends in May 2019

These few Tank heroes in Mobile Legends are strong and very annoying! Let’s see below for best tank heroes in May!

Mobile Legends has many Tank heroes you can use in a match. Few of them are the best tank hero between other heroes because they are so annoying and have high defense. Now DuniaGames will talk about best five tank heroes

5. Grock

Source: Mobile Legends

Grock is a tank hero in Mobile Legends who has massive defense. He becomes more thick when he near a wall or turret due to his passive skill. Grock has an ability to make a wall to prevent enemies from coming. This wall can render difficult heroes without a skill to penetrate walls and heroes who don’t use Flicker spell.

Not only that, Grock also have high damage if compared to other tank heroes. That thing makes Grock to become an additional damage dealer in the team.

4. Uranus

Source: Mobile Legends

The next one is Uranus, a tank hero who has high HP regeneration. He doesn’t need to recall to recharge his HP because his passive skill can restore his HP even though he’s not at a base or using heal.

Uranus also can interrupt enemy’s marksman because he can approach them with ease and Uranus also has high damage to kill marksmen.

3. Akai

Source: Mobile Legends

We don’t know until when Moonton will stop Akai’s popularity in Mobile Legends. After getting a rework, Akai becomes tank hero who always used in ranked match, even he used by pro players in tournaments.

Even though he doesn’t have huge damage like Grock or Uranus, Akai has crowd control and his annoying ultimate skill. The skill makes you unable to move, moreover if used near a wall. With his ultimate skill to stop your movement, Akan can be counter for vicious hero like Gusion.

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