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Here Are Three Mobile Legends Heroes You Can Combine, Suitable For Ranked Match! - Part 1

Do you often play trio with your friends but confused with hero combination you all wanted to pick? Go check this page!

On previous article writers give you a reason why playing trio in Mobile Legends is better than playing solo/duo or with five people. In this article, we writers will give you a list of three heroes who compatible to each other -- especially when in ranked match. Curious with the roster? Let’s check it out.

Minotaur, Chou, and Lunox


This combo will make your enemies to hardly breathe when on a teamfight. While Minotaur gives stun effect to an enemy, Chou who plays as a fighter and also as an assassin can immediately gives burst damage to enemy. Together with it, Lunox can enter the fray and gives damage per second (DPS) which can eliminate enemy team members with ease.

Minotaur, Chou, and Claude


If you cannot get Luno, you can choose Claude as the substitute. But the flaw on Claude is he cannot deliver a high damage since early game. As a result you have to but one or two items and then you can deliver maximum damage.

Minotaur, Guinevere, and Claude


To replace Chou’s role, you can use Guinevere. She can synergize well with Minotaur. A combination of knock up effect which is caused by Guinevere’s second skill and stun from Minotaur’s ultimate skill will make enemies paralyzed for 3 until 5 seconds. Unfortunately, Guinevere right now is very hard to secure because she is too strong.

Grock, Guinevere, and Kadita


Grock’s Ultimate and Guinevere can synergize well if combined, and Kadita can keep up and defeat dying enemies as well.

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