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Here Are Three Mobile Legends Heroes You Can Combine, Suitable For Ranked Match! - Part 1

Do you often play trio with your friends but confused with hero combination you all wanted to pick? Go check this page!

Grock Guinevere, and Harith


Even though Harith is not too OP, but he still have deadly damage --  especially to clean up enemy team member who is in critical state due to damage given by Grock and Guinevere.

Grock, Guinevere, and Karrie


If Harith is hard to get, you can substitute him with Karrie. If the Karrie user can choose good position, he will give high total damage. Enemies’ HP will be easily drained if you successfully do combos with this trio.

Gatot, Karrie, and Kaja


In this combo, Kaja takes a role as a tank as well as a support who protects Karrie from enemies. While Gatot gives stun effects to enemies to be given to Karrie.

Leomord, Gussion, and Kaja


In this combo, you don’t have to use a tank type, because Kaja and Leomord can do initiation to begin the teamfight. For lane selection, you can order Leomord to solo lane, while Kaja and Gussion are on the midlane.

The appearance of Kaja and Gussion in midlane because these two heroes have high ganking rate. They can also travel into another lane with ease. Leomord alone is very strong when is on the lane. Even he can defeat two enemies at once and giving advantage to your team mate if you want to do a team fight on different lane.

Because it’s still to many, the next trio combo will be given on the next article. Make sure you follow Dunia Games social media account so you won’t miss it!

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